THE BRIEF is a start-up funded by Lernia, one of the largest educational organizations in Sweden. It is a highly customized job-matching platform targeting care providers. 

In a collaborative effort of 7 Hyper Island students (from 7 different countries) and our client, we worked together to build a brand strategy and identity for this new service. Our starting point was a beta version of the website, a facebook page and a team of 3 very passionate clients.

As project lead, I worked with both the strategic and visual teams to bridge communication and visuals. I also conducted client pitches and maintained all client relations over the course of the project. 


First, we developed a 3-phased insight process to create a strong foundation to build a brand strategy. 


Strategy + Identity
Brand Book
Print Applications
Digital Application


Saaniya Singhal
Anne Skøth
Misaki Tsuchiyama
Bruno Morais
Hyunjung Cho
Angelina Agesand

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Client Workshop

We facilitated a series of workshops to understand the team behind and what they wanted to achieve. From these results, we developed a mission, vision and purpose for the company and defined a trajectory for their future.

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Desktop Research

We looked into the existing marked of digital job-platforms, but we also looked towards other fields to get inspiration on how to build long lasting relationships through branding. this included markets that build ‘tribe’ followings, platforms that rely on user reviews, and services with high return rates.

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Focus Group

This became an experience in re-framing our outlook on the project. We found out that the users rarely applied for jobs online, instead they found their jobs through personal recommendations from colleagues. We talked about which characteristics they valued in a colleague and how these characteristics contribute to an inclusive environment. 


From the research phase I developed a framework for a tiered value model. This became one of the most central points in our brand strategy. Based on our analysis of the insight process, we used it as a way to explain what the values mean in this exact brand-context and how they should be recognized by users. Together with the client, we chose our core-values: pride, growth and trust. We needed to make the users feel hopeful and proud about their potential, as well as have trust in to guide them towards career development. 

During our creative process we began to test the model with it’s intended purpose; to serve as a filter for all brand communications and touch points. 


Because developing our team and our sense of ownership was one of our project goals, we chose to co-create our visual foundation. From the strategy team to the project manager, we brainstormed together in order to fully align on the needs we had to meet for our visual identity. We worked with existing tools to generate ideas and developed new methods to encourage shared-ownership of our ideas. 


The identity of is a visual brand language and we created a flexible system that can grow and develop as the company does. The crux of this language is the circle's movement and dynamic energy.  We use this as symbol to reinforce a feeling of trust and community within our brand. We chose to communicate:

  • Ongoing relationships with users
  • Cycle of learning and opportunity
  • Flexibilty, simplicity, humanity