Vimla! is a new mobile provider running on the Telenor network. With it's roots in Stockholm City, Vimla appeals to the young, digital generation with tech-based services and enagaging, disruptive communications. Hyper Island was approached by Vimla to improve their on-boarding journey for new users. We began by defining what 'improve' meant for our client, and determined that the process needed to be as simple and as fun as possible. 

During this project I had the opportunity to explore user researching, user testing, as well as rapid prototyping and iterating with Sketch, inVision, Framr and Figma. We also had the privilege of being led through workshops with industry leaders such as Lauren Shapiro, Associate Design Director (Work&Co., NYC) and Ben Dressler, Product Insights Manager (Spotify, Stockholm). 





User Journey
User Persona
Prototyped Solution


Hernan Osorio
Dagny Snorrasdottir
Kristina Cronstrom
Anna Oddbjorn
Varvara Slugina
Félix Bryggdemark


User Journey & Pain Points/Emotional Journey

Switching phone carriers can often be a complicated and frustrating process. So after some initial desktop research and a competitve analysis, we each went through the full on-boarding and signed up with Vimla. We needed to identify where and why these frustrations were causing users to drop off the on-boarding process. 

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User Persona

The emotional journey clearly showed that the struggles attached to the idea of switching phone carriers can turn off a lot of users. For our target audience, who fell into the late teens/early twenties, it can be even more difficult when it is the first time you are changing your plan.

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We realized that one of our key problems was being able to communicate the already well developed brand during the on-boarding process. We could see that potential users weren't getting a chance to experience the brand's personality.

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Make the process more enjoyable through a gamified on-boarding experience. 

Simplify the process by taking out unnecessary questions and building a step-by-step journey.